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The league championship series are baseball’s version of the Final Four.
Both the American League and National League maintain their very own championship series in October. Each is a best-of-seven set where the winner must win four games to progress in the baseball match. The next round is the World Series.
The pursuit for the NL pennant Starts with the NLDS and ends with the NLCS. The principles for the National League Championship Series do not change as the pitcher still has to occupy a place in the batting order since there is no use of the designated hitter, unlike the American League Championship Series.
Below, you can find string information following each game of the NLCS. At Gamblers Palace, we break down all of the odds, stats and scenarios so that you may cash your bets in the top baseball sportsbooks on earth!
The Dodgers win the pennant! The Chicago Cubs prevented a sweep at the hands of the Los Angeles Dodgers, something that the Arizona Diamondbacks couldn’t perform in the NLDS. However, the defending World Series Champions won’t have a chance. The Dodgers have progressed to the World Series and the Cubs are on their way home for winter. Los Angeles has dominated this postseason, winning six consecutive games before falling Game 4. While L.A.’s been a bit streaky this season, it appears that the loss didn’t knock the Dodgers off path as they bounced back in a big way with a devastating Game 5 victory over Chicago.
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