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Legends World Championships League is finally here. For the Cup of the Summoner, 16 of the planets finest teams have started their battle Following a week of play-ins.
Teams Group A might need to wait till tomorrow to kick off their hard effort but Groups B, C and D also have experienced an eventful moment. From Faker return to Worlds to J Team, heres a round-up of all the actions from day one of the Worlds Group Stage.
SKT made their return at the first game of the group phase with a victory over Fnatic on Worlds. It was an intriguing game from the outset Hylissangs Garen along with as Teddy decided to play with with Kayle in to Rekkles and Yuumi – leaving Faker on the Tristana which proved to be successful as the Korean laner that is mid ended up with a 9/0 KDA.
The LCK seed did not hold back as they ripped themselves 21 kills and procured each monster of the game.
But Fnatics support Hylissang admits that although he did not believe his negative were going to lose, hes glad to acquire the mistakes from the way early on.
He said:Ive mixed feelings. I feel as we did fine but we had different expectations. It feels better that we lost because I dont think we played well – . Im just glad we made these errors early in the tournament because we have enough time.
I think SKT played well but I think they played too slow. I feel as if we had been the enemy team wed have snowballed the match faster and took longer battles than they ever did Though we lost. They made mistakes too but we werent able to capitalise on them and punish them.
I expect us to move far in the tournament but I can not really say just how far. To begin with, we need to get out of Groups and should we get out of the bunch it says a great deal in my view
Group C has been known as thegroup of death but RNG are decided to get out of it once they obliterated Clutch Gaming with a 14k gold lead.
Clutch made a fantastic beginning when Damonte baited Xiahou to fasten Blood with the help of the Nocturne of Lira. But their luck less or more stopped there as RNG secured three kills that were fast to take the lead.
Uzi had the KDA on Xayah, the Renekton of Langx was unstoppable and Mings Blitzcrank was a convenient choice as he picked Cody Sun off.
The ahq of LMS gave Invictus Gambling a run for their money but they were able to conquer the defending champions.
The ADC Wako of ahq was able his counterpart JackeyLove early but IG didnt provide their opponents the opportunity to snowball. Despite dropping the first turret along with the Rift Herald their game turned with team fights and some vital skirmishes.
Most notably, the LPL third seed forced a struggle across Baron, turned to their competitions and was able to kill four to finally end the game in 29 minutes which was the quickest game of the day.
Once Team Liquid took Koreas Damwon Gambling the very first upset of the day came in the fourth game. Large expectations were established following their sweep at beating and play-ins from scrims for Damwon despite being the seed in Korea.
Following Impact murdered Doublelift and Nuguri bagged himself a quadra kill however, Team Liquid pulled off an astonishing win. Together with their next Baron buff of the match, the North American side managed to seal a significant victory within CoreJJ and Damwon considers that it was not that much of surprise.
He said:I am really thrilled that we won from a team which I believe a strong team but we believed wed win because were the top seed from NA and theyre the seed out of LCK.
North America has traditionally been regarded as a poorer region over the Worlds stage – .
He said:I trust people keep flaming us until the end as it feels much better to win when they do not expect you to win
J Teams victory over FunPlus Phoenix was undoubtedly the greatest upset of the afternoon. Even the LMS side left their Worlds debut when they faced the number one seed and FPX, that were believed among the favorites of the tournament of LPL, revealed there were a lot that they had to improve on.
Despite taking almost every one the dragons in the sport and having blood, FPX appeared weaker in team fights and J Team managed to pick off members of the Chinese side and over again.
J Teams FoFo admits the victory came as a surprise and can be confident that his team can defeat on GAM and Splyce if they are in a position to maintain their form.
He explained:We think its really amazing that we overcome LPLs first seed and were really happy about it. We did not hope to beat on them we gave it our all and we just wanted to enjoy our very first time.
I have not actually thought about if well get from classes or not – I want is for our team to do to the highest of our skills. If were in good shape then I think we can beat all the other teams in our group but if were not, we likely wont be able to win any of those games.
Splyce proved themselves to be a serious competitor in Group B because they beat GAM Esports in the days previous game.
Humanoid, Splyce mid laner that iss 19-year-old was one of those standout players of the match. Levi managed with his Kha zix to assassinated Humanoid but it didnt prevent Splyce from securing Baron and making EU their first win of the tournament.
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