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By Andrew Benson
Chief F1 writer at Suzuka
Daniel Ricciardo has made a supplementary agreement to settle a legal dispute in which his director claimed more than # 10m.
A suit filed at the London High Court in July claiming he hadnt been compensated commissions owed the Renault contract of Ricciardo.
Beavis said in a declaration which the group hadreached an amicable settlement within the amounts due.
Ricciardo stated:We both met and its been put to bed and not at all a bad way.
The 30-year-old Australian added he had beenrelieved to deliver a stop to this situation.
It ended a whole lot sweeter than it looked a couple of weeks back, Ricciardo said.
I think up until now it did not actually weigh me but if it continued andd gone another year or two down the track, then for sure it might have eventually been something I did not require. It may be, so Im more happy to place it , even if sometimes you think yous not distracting.
It is not something we desired. It wasnt comfortable, I guess. I believe [we are] both relieved.
There has been A soldier caught up within a multi-layered conspiracy
Analysis and opinion in the BBCs main Formula 1 author.
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