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Stanford Beneath David Shaw Comes with a reputation.

They rely on caliber play in the trenches, an elite and a high quality quarterback. So far, the offense hasn’t lived up to this expectation.
They need their line to be the focal point of their offense once again if Stanford wants to succeed. UCF currently has seven sacks this year, so it gets even more essential for the Cardinal to repair the offense through the trenches. I understand they don’t always have Bryce Love or even a Christian McCaffrey at working, however, they have to get as great as they can.
This match will be crazy at Orlando. UCF is still desperate to acquire relevancy. To do so, many expect they can knock away some of them and believed they would need to travel to play with teams. They managed for Stanford to travel to Orlando.
Since Stanford will be one of the greatest teams to travel to Orlando and play, expect the UCF fans to possess pandemonium from the stands. If Stanford wants to win, they can not allow this environment get to them. It is a requirement, although it is going to be challenging.
Stanford gets discipline to turn this boat around and the coaching pedigree. With their true quarterback maybe they could come with a win from Orlando. But, it’s not going to be simple. It is going to take a good deal. This is just the start, but it is going to hopefully send the Cardinal at the right direction.
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